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Mentoring with Kat

Are you tired of going around the same mountain? Stress overload, unfulfilling relationships, sub-optimal health, financial worries, stuck in transition, standing at an impasse wondering what next, dreams still waiting in the wings to be realised?


YOUR unique mentoring package is all about breaking up with stress, moving from surviving to thriving and unlocking your unique identity to propel you towards your most fulfilling, dream life. Let’s work together to map a clear pathway to where you want to be!

Mentoring with me is friendly and relaxed and designed to bring on that ‘Aha!’ moment you’ve been looking for.  As an accredited Behavioural Analyst with two decades experience in mental health work, an avid researcher trained in four counselling models and countless other therapies, I use a genuinely holistic approach.

We will dig deep into your physical health, mental and emotional health, spiritual health, financial health, relational health and more. We will nail your deepest needs and desires and map a clear pathway to your dream future.

EVERYTHING YOU NEED IS ALREADY INSIDE OF YOU! I will work with you to break up with stress and unlock your unique, inherent strengths and help you channel them into living the life you have dreamed.


Book a callback today for an obligation free 30 minute chat!

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3 Months mentoring includes:

• 12 individual sessions, up to 1.5 hours in person or virtual

• Your own unique DNA Behaviour profile

• Direct contact with Kat via sms during your package timeframe

• Six month follow up session, up to 1.5 hours in person or virtual

• Your individualised map out of stress into your dream future

I want to make this accessible for you - Book your obligation free callback today!

Mentoring Packages

What clients are saying

"Can I just say WOW! When I sat down to talk with Kat I was nervous. I would never really rate myself. I wouldn't back myself. I wouldn't sell myself and most likely listening to that, it's probably safe to say that I didn't believe in myself.

After a chat with Kat I walked away with a solid belief that I was capable of more than I was giving. More than I was believing and EVERYTHING that I was dreaming. I walked away with a sense of accomplishment, a sense of self, a sense of how much more I was able to offer and now felt free and able to offer it.

I just want to say it again...WOW!"

KARA - Queensland, Australia

For more information contact:

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