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RELATIONSHIPS always require work. More than any other endeavour in life, relationships need dreams, plans and goals in order to thrive. The ability to listen, communicate clearly and feel heard is pivitol to achieving your 'Couples Goals' (Family Goals:), so understanding your inherent go-to behaviours and those of your parner can make all the difference!

Do you have dreams as a couple, dreams as a family? Do you need help achieving those dreams? Contact me to find out more!

What clients are saying

"Kat facilitated my husband and I through our behaviour analysis, and in our 16th year of marriage we surprisingly still learnt new things about ourselves and each other. I have carried out many personality tests but I found this DNA analysis to make the most sense, and offer far more depth than any other I have encountered. As Kat guided us through the our comparison report, she gave us a thorough and insightful reflection of the results, with practical tools that we’ve been able to implement within our marriage. With this new level of understanding, my husband and I have improved the way we communicate and have a higher level of empathy and tolerance for each other. Highly recommend!"

EMMA - Business Co-Ordinator 


• Understand and optimise your unique strengths

• Understand and work to improve areas in which you struggle

• Manage personality dynamics in relationships

• Improve your relationships

• Improve your communication

• Work through important decision making

• Transition through difficult life challenges 

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