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DID YOU KNOW that you have unique, inherent strengths that have always been there? When I first started my journey with understanding human behaviour I was amazed to understand the strengths I already had within me to get me through life’s challenges and when I started standing in my true identity I became stronger, happier and more fulfilled.

You are STRONG : You’ve got this.  Contact me to find out more!


• Understand and optimise your unique strengths

• Understand and work to improve areas in which you struggle

• Manage personality dynamics and relationships

• Improve your relationships

• Improve your communication

• Work through important decision making

• Transition through difficult life challenges 


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A personal story from Kat

"My first experience with DNA Behaviour was at a retreat I had booked into at a time of extreme chaos and trauma in my life. I was in the process of making some very tough decisions and not only was it confusing and stressful to process in my own heart and mind, but I had friends and family coming at me with their own opinions. Even without knowing enough about my situation, or having spoken to me about it, some were actually trying to convince me that my decisions were wrong and not well thought through.


Has anyone else had this experience? I bet you have! It can be very frustrating and distressing.

At the retreat my DNA mentor looked at my profile and said “You know what Kat, you make good decisions. In fact, if you look at these factors here, here, and here, it shows me that you it’s almost impossible for you to make a bad decision because you think very logically, rationally and creatively about situations. —- You need to TRUST YOURSELF”.

That moment was everything I needed to get myself through the traumatic situation, and not only that, it started a mantra for me that became part of my healing journey in reconnecting with my true identity."

• I am who I say I am

• I have everything I need inside me

• I am strong

• I trust myself


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