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About Kat Alex

HI, I'M KAT. I'm an accredited Behavioral Analyst and I'm very passionate about helping people unlock their unique identity.


I have 3 beautiful children and many life experiences which give me unique insight into human behaviour. Having recovered from the effects of interpersonal trauma (c-PTSD) and anxiety myself, I understand how challenging it can be to unlock your true identity and live as you were born to be.


But I promise - freedom, peace and joy are so very possible. 

Let’s start today!

I’m also the CEO and Founder of Exchange Foundation, a not-for-profit which I established with a passion to see women and their communities restored from the effects of mental illness and the trauma of abuse.


I have worked for more than a 15 years in the not-for-profit sector, gaining a broad experience in support roles for addiction rehabilitation, international community development, program administration, fundraising and event management. I have also held roles in the leadership of women's development programs.

I have commercial background in Advertising, Design, Art Direction and have been represented by Art Galleries in demand for my paintings. I still do interior design, art and home renovations for fun - oh yes I am a Tradie Lady! I did my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree where I grew up, in Auckland (I'm a Kiwi - Kia ora!).


Let’s connect, I’m looking forward to working with you!


• Understand and optimise your unique strengths

• Understand and work to improve areas in which you struggle

• Work with your team to manage dynamics and relationships

• Work in your business to optimise performance

• Improve your relationship as a couple

• Improve your communication as a family

• Work as a group through important decision making

• Transition through difficult life changes 

Kat offers mentoring services to help you:

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