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About Kat Alex

HI, I'M KAT. I'm an accredited Human Behaviour Analyst and Relationships Specialist and I'm very passionate about helping you get unstuck and propelling into your most fulfilling, dream future, through unlocking your unique identity and mapping a pathway unique to you.


I have 3 beautiful children and many life experiences which give me unique insight into human behaviour. I have been though severe trauma and come out the other side thriving, so, having recovered from c-PTSD, anxiety and burnout myself, I understand how challenging it can be to unlock your true identity and live as you were born to be. But I promise - freedom from stress, living in peace and joy are so very possible. Let’s start today!

For the past (almost) two decades I’ve been working in mental health and charities. This has included working in residential rehabilitation centres for women, International community development in developing nations, and setting up my own charity Exchange Foundation from scratch, to help women and their communities restored from the effects of mental illness and the trauma of abuse.

Though my charitable work I have a wealth of experience in

• Trauma recovery pathway development 

• Bio-medical treatments for mental health

• Body work and alternative treatments for mental health

• Medical advocacy and support 

• Mental health recovery mentoring 

• Domestic Violence support

• Family court support


In my private practice I’ve had the privilege of

• Helping clients discover their unique identity 

• Teaching people how to use their strengths to their advantage 

• Teaching people how to manage their weaknesses and blind spots

• Working with couples to create better communication and connection

• Working with parents of children with special needs and disabilities

• Using various therapy models to get to the root cause of the issue

• Helping people get unstuck and moving again toward their dream life 

• Restoring healthy foundations for personal Growth


And of course I’ve had the joy of running some spectacular events around personal growth, leadership and human connection - many more to come!

Let’s connect, I’m looking forward to working with you!

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For more information contact:

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