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Are you ready shift from stress to peace, from overwhelm to clarity?


We are ready to serve you in this simple and profoundly beautiful exchange. 


Jess Bell from Holistic Wellness and Kat Alex from The Table have partnered together to bring you this day encounter event, which has been designed to physically nourish, emotionally and mentally encourage, and provide to opportunity spiritually ground into shalom {peace} and focus for your future.


Shalom : this word describes what our humanity craves; it’s more than simply emotional peace - it encompasses a sense of deep harmony, wholeness, completeness, prosperity, welfare and tranquility that permeates every part of our being and our immediate atmosphere. It’s peace in a holistic sense : Spirit | Soul | Body


We have lovingly created a space for women who need this deep, holistic level of peace - A healing space for a beautiful exchange to help you feel grounded again and from this foundation, to go into the rest of your year with greater strength and clarity of vision.


We have set a table for women to provide an individualised experience with specific encounters for your spirit, soul and body to be nourished by. Come with an expectation to surrender what is no longer serving you and breathe in encouragement for your future.


Body : Nourished

Soul : Encouraged

Spirit : Grounded




• Saturday 4th November 2023, 930am - 4pm

• A stunning private venue in Birtinya, Sunshine Coast

• Group and individual sessions with Kat & Jess

• Snacks, drinks, lunch & afternoon tea provided

• Includes your own unique essential oil blend

• AND surprise extras on the day

COST : All inclusive $264

Limited small group event - book now to secure your place!

Event by The Table Sunshine Coast and Jess Bell Holistic Wellness

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For more information on mentoring services, individual and couples therapy contact:

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Kat Alexander has almost two decades of experience working in mental health and has had the privilege of helping many people find pathways out of trauma, mental illness and domestic violence. She has helped her clients centre in their unique strengths through her training as an accredited Behavioural Analyst and with her training in many therapy models, she is able to help her clients shift into clarity and hope for their future.

Jess Bell has been working in the health care and wellness space for 25 years. Her experience as a nurse working in critical care for more than 20 years, coupled with consulting in health and wellness with a specialty in chronic illness and mental health, makes her wisdom invaluable for anyone who is seeking a shift in their holistic wellbeing.

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