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Clients Are Saying

"Can I just say WOW! When I sat down to talk with Kat I was nervous. I would never really rate myself. I wouldn't back myself. I wouldn't sell myself and most likely listening to that, it's probably safe to say that I didn't believe in myself.

After mentoring with Kat I walked away with a solid belief that I was capable of more than I was giving. More than I was believing and EVERYTHING that I was dreaming. I walked away with a sense of accomplishment, a sense of self, a sense of how much more I was able to offer and now felt free and able to offer it.

I just want to say it again...WOW!"

KARA - Australia

“Kat has a keen insight into how people tick. I’ve taken many personality profiles and have found them helpful, but Kat’s grasp of the human condition and her ability to hone in on my stage of life and tendencies and challenges was like nothing I’ve experienced. I’m still asking myself and God some of the profound questions she asked me in our session and I believe the answer to those questions will be life altering in ways I don’t even know yet.”

DEBBIE - United States

“Kat has a very keen insight into the lives of people. She was able to give me new angles on my situation that have been very helpful to me in relationships with my family and business. I can recommend Kat to anyone who is looking to expand their own self awareness to improve personal and professional relationships.”

MARK - United States

"Kat facilitated my husband and I through our behaviour analysis, and in our 16th year of marriage we surprisingly still learnt new things about ourselves and each other. I have carried out many personality tests but I found this DNA analysis to make the most sense, and offer far more depth than any other I have encountered. As Kat guided us through the our comparison report, she gave us a thorough and insightful reflection of the results, with practical tools that we’ve been able to implement within our marriage. With this new level of understanding, my husband and I have improved the way we communicate and have a higher level of empathy and tolerance for each other. Highly recommend!"

EMMA - New Zealand


"My first experience with DNA Behaviour was at a retreat I had booked into at a time of extreme chaos and trauma in my life. I was in the process of making some very tough decisions and not only was it confusing and stressful to process in my own heart and mind, but I had friends and family coming at me with their own opinions. Even without knowing enough about my situation, or having spoken to me about it, some were actually trying to convince me that my decisions were wrong and not well thought through, even that there was something wrong with me!


Has anyone else had this experience? I bet you have! It can be very frustrating and distressing.

At the retreat my DNA mentor talked me through my unique profile and was able to restore my self confidence so I could move forward —- The most important message I received, which I think is so important to anyone is "You need to TRUST YOURSELF”.

That moment was everything I needed to get myself through the traumatic situation, and not only that, it started a mantra for me that became part of my healing journey in reconnecting with my true identity."

• I am who I say I am

• I have everything I need inside me

• I am strong

• I trust myself

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